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by Guy Lozier

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Posted by GuyLozier
Here is a recent article I posted concerning my writing. While I understand topics such as this are hard to comprehend in many ways, it doesn't mean they are not absolutely proper and true. Many of us have heard of individuals having visions or performing healing or other extra-ordinary events unfolding in their lives. Well, I have had those and many more. I'm not explaining this to brag but instead to assist each to understand that my experiences were for purposes which I have shared in many forms in my books and writing. My main goal is to assist others to find their potential because in so doing it will assist us to change our world. Now that is a great goal. Our world needs changing so badly as it has grown dark and oppressive to degrees unheard of in any reality. Yet those that have performed to oppress us and this reality do not understand that oppression such as this is not tolerated forever.

There are those that come to stop the oppression as it is not proper at all in the multiverse. While our reality is based on a 3D holographic set of energy fields resting in a field called Time/Space, it is an illusionary reality which is being manipulated. While that information sounds so far into fantasy that it could not possibly be true...I can assure you that it is. Yet it is only by experiencing these facts that one could actually know it to be true.

So then I am explaining that I have had experiences which transcend our reality and have been able to look back into our time bound reality to know how to help...

So I have been encoding stories which assists the individual in subtle ways to trigger hidden locks within their genetic template. Not only that but recently I have released a book which displays methods of alignment and tools which allows the individual to decouple from the controlling mechanisms which seek to hold each one in duality to control them. This book gives them tools to change the future as it approaches. To assist each to bring more harmony and pleasure to their existence while they begin or advance the fusion process to develop into their very own self empowered potential.

You see, the body you are using is not you. You reside outside of time/space and are but connected to the body. You have been deceived into believing that the body is you when in fact you are an eternal being which never actually dies. The religions have been imposed upon this reality along with all the other duality issues in an attempt to control humans. While this can bring the movie Matrix to mind it is a little bit different than that movie has portrayed yet there are similarities.

The book is titled "The Seventh Sense". I recommend that you pick up a copy to free yourself. Those that read this book and apply the knowledge to their lives find themselves transforming almost instantly. That is how powerful this book is.

Don't take my word for it, pick it up and see for yourself...

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