State of Economy Right Now

by Jim Mosquera

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Posted by jm1195
What’s the true state of the economy right now? A number of events over the course of the last few months have compelled me to pen one of my most important articles of the last few years. There are important events transpiring in the United States these days though the media spotlight is squarely on other things. These events will have a profound national effect in the next few years. It’ll require strong leadership and national cohesion to work through the issues. Those are the times we’re most vulnerable to demagoguery.

The opening paragraphs are below and the rest of the piece, by agreement, is available on Seeking Alpha.

This may be the most important article I’ve ever penned for SA. It comes at a truly vital juncture of our economic and political history. If you believe, like I do, that politics and economics intersect, the next few years will be a further testament to this interaction.

A defining moment politically for me came near the conclusion of this year’s Winter Olympics when some Americans gleefully celebrated the shortcomings of their own skier due to her political stance. A defining moment economically came with the recent tax cuts, where any semblance of fiscal discipline got shown the door. The grand “compromise” was the elimination of caps on defense and domestic spending – there will be more of both. To add to the largesse, the “sequester” is in the history books.

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