My life as an Author

by Esther L Gough

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My life as an Author !

Thought you might enjoy what influences in my life made me put pen to paper- or these days sit with my phone tablet- how times change! It was a great experience to be interviewed about my books and my writing experiences. Enjoy!

Hi book lovers! Today I will be writing an author spotlight for an incredible author called Esther Loftus Gough who writes engaging but educational children’s books! Esther’s book Blue in the Tooth is phenomenal and is a brilliant educational book for young children but it is also fun at the same times! Blue in the Tooth is just one of a few books written by Esther so I am excited to be sharing them with you today. Now I think it is time that I let you readers know more about the author! Here is a short author bio.

Esther has always been a storyteller but only decided to be published recently having decided to add the Colour Therapy twist. Having attended The London College of Fashion and also a medical background. Being a trained Colour Therapy counsel consultant, Esther enjoyed creating the colour therapy reading concept. With the Colour Therapy element comes a fun, colourful, educational flow of words, with the added bonus of bright colours that hold the attention span so also great for educational learning difficulties. Esther has a partner, a son and 2 dogs and 3 cats!

2 dogs and 3 cats! Now Esther is clearly an animal lover which is so lovely. I think I was lucky enough to be able to interview Esther and here is the interview for you lovely readers to enjoy!

Hi Esther! Thank you so much for joining us today at Red Headed Book Lover Blog, my first question for you is what inspired you to start writing?

I have always written and loved telling stories- even as a child. I always had a book in my bag to read! My family background is creative, with my grandfather writing educational books and an Aunt having a bookshop. It was an inner urge to write which gave me a peace of mind and inner tranquility. I love telling stories and even as a child found a captive audience spurred me on- I once told a story about my father who was a veterinary surgeon looking at an elephant sore foot on a table!!

It was at a birthday party and one of the parents was roaring with laughter and said ‘You, my girl will be a Writer!’ He was the editor of a newspaper!

Your aunt had a bookshop! That is incredible, it is no wonder that you fell in love with literature. When can we readers expect to see more wonderful books from you?

Every day I have new ideas coming to me! From what I view around me, to memories of the past- and all waiting in my mind and looking forward to stories for the future! I’m working on a follow-up book for BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD FINALIST; BLUE IN THE TOOTH, teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist! Blue is a canine tooth (It’s educational also!) I’m looking forward to developing Pearls character -she is a wobbly Molar tooth and about to fall out! So another adventure about to begin! The idea came naturally as children kept asking what happens to Pearl (often because they relate to Pearl having a wobbly tooth themselves.) When I work on a book, I can only work and think about the one book as I have to be in that ‘one space’ only. I overlapped with ‘Blue in the tooth!’ and ‘Auntie Bertie and the flying circus mouse!’ and at one time Blue was at the circus!! So not a good idea!

I am so excited to see what you write next Esther! Lastly, what would your advice be for aspiring writers?

We all have a story within us and sadly some fantastic stories never get published. Always focus on one story at a time, write down any ideas that come to mind- even in the middle of the night! -and put the words down on paper in the form of a book – or an iPhone, computer etc, (my mobile phone is often my office) as new ideas may appear anytime, anyplace. Join Writers groups and attend workshops as they are a great way to network and meet new people. Never give up as people always want new writers and different stories.

It is safe for me to write book lovers that Esther is a fascinating and talented woman and I hope so much that you enjoyed the short Q&A! We are nearing the end of my spotlight but if you want to find out more about Esther then have a look at the links below and the previews of her work because her books are fantastic and should not be missed!

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