Ode to Ms. Corporate America

by Jnaha Jnaha

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Posted by jnahaspoetry
Sista Girl,

I never wanted your position in life

It's never been my intention to lead a team,

fulfilling some company's dream

That wasn't my own.

In your desperation to remain on ya 'throne'

You lied, threw rocks, hid hands throwing stones

You're a cup full of ill intentions girlfriend

You oppress me!

All I wanted was your foot up off my neck,

stepping on my progression like some cracka jack.

Hate to say I let your foolish mind games unhinge me just once....

My temper is now tucked though, yep my mind is all made up chil'.

I've graduated into my alter eagle,

Soaring to heights you could never reach

WATCH my flight elevate into better days

Thanks for everything anyways!


(You ever aspire for excellence and then all of a sudden some human shows up stepping all over your positivity and progression? It sucks but thank goodness for Eagles)

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