...She is...

by Jnaha Jnaha

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Posted by jnahaspoetry

..She is…

Grateful for the spirit which rises up within

Multidimensional personalities in the form of a body shield

Every woman in the flesh of one woman

..She is…

Balancing the masculine aura of her feminine dominion

Morphing from a darkness where seeds sow fruit

A rose budding clear as a sun shines bright at high noon

..She is…

Effervescent. Epically inclined to rise above

Imperfectly perfect in every nature of a humans being

A self-healing medicine woman in the spirit of a warrior

..She is…

A blessed blessing cocooning within the confines of her universe

A bird leaning heavy on the wings of maturation

Distinct. Omnipotent. Weird submerged in cocky, resting in a cool bed of strange

...She is…

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