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Posted by jnahaspoetry
A clandestine love affair it remained, so as not to muddy waters or rock boats.

You see this was a pair destined for life partnership.

Unfortunately they were mismatched like an uncomfortable shoe – to people whom neither really knew.

Queen Darlene had been burned time and time again by a nefarious fellow posing as her dream come true.

Having played the field in his younger years, the pain of the karmic boomerang still stung 20+ years later, for King Arch Ello….

They’d become one another’s remedy in the midst of turbulence, playing a dangerous game of lie & cheat.

Oh but when their legs comingled between them sheets…

His phallus seemed to fit like the missing piece… to her va-jig-saw puzzle.

Ho-telling it all on any given Sunday, during church sermons y’all

Mo-telling it in guffaw at the next chance encounter when moonlight called

Mystical creatures acted as shields of protective armor, holding their dirty little secret in tact

While millions of outsiders tried to pry, pounce and denounce them down to smithereens

Still, many failed to realize, in spite of their clever misplaced endeavors

Clandestine lovers they’d remain, bonded in a lifetime of forever’s….

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