In Reurrection of a Prophet

by Jnaha Jnaha

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Posted by jnahaspoetry
He killed his chance when he chose to play games with HER mind

It's like he pulled the trigger, pointed it straight at her head disturbing her mental

Took the coward route, did it all behind her back, then turned and ran

Twisted shit on some demented kick

Oh, he was left to stew in that truth too

When she finally took direction, forged her own path down the road less travelled, he lost it!

Every hook, line and sinker, synced her...

With nothing left to give, she turned inward, found a friend deep down within

A familiar guardian angel whom she met in the land of the living during junior years - twice her senior at least.

Her metamorphosis was appalling and downright distinct

He couldn't place it just knew that the stench of it left him enamored and enraged

Long gone was her heart now, he could no longer tune in... She tuned out

The lesson he learned was best served deadly.

After he shot her dead in the flesh up that road, her spirit rose up causing all kinds of ruckus and junk.

Boy did he feel her; from her exit to her ascension, she cursed him real nasty like.

Then her guardian angel shook her up out of her natural disaster. Grabbed her up, told her she still had travelling to do. She wasn't dead just de-fleshed - Merely graduated to spirit world.

Finding some strength, she got a hold of herself, kept trucking up the road to success.

She looked back only once, when she heard a bang and then a plop.

He killed himself when he realized he’d killed his shooting star.

She wasn't never coming back he finally realized. Now neither was he.....

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