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by Jnaha Jnaha

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Posted by jnahaspoetry

You ever been so weird that the wicked flee? I’m talking that every day is karaoke kinda weird! Singing to the beat of dope life rhymes, in your mind any way. Your body is moving though, head knocking like you’re at a party instead of a stuffy corporate office building.

Surrounded by normal folks. The kind who smile all in your grill pretending they like you. Or maybe they do. Behind your back they speak greasy about you like it come easy, like they knew you or grew up with you. Every move you make remaining under the microscopic lens of folks whose own genes appear marinated indomitably in a dash of mimicry with an overpowering seasoning flavored, judge & jury. Disgrace you for your originality yet mimic that which they disgrace within you.

Uncanny is the imagery from that perspective. On one hand you can appreciate the secret admiration. Internally you find it hard to entertain the lot. You seek a conglomerate of like spirits and energy which matches yours – unapologetically free; unconditional love of thyself, showing the same in kind to everyone else in reciprocity.

It’s tough being that kind of weird in a world full of normal folks. That kind of weird is typically deemed misfit. That which one cannot understand or ‘figure out’ is often labeled ‘crazy’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘slow’, ‘stupid’, ‘off’…Weird.

That kind of weird is the truest form of a person living in their truth unapologetically. That’s a person who accepts themselves. You understand there will be people who’ll never comprehend that level of personal freedom until life blesses them into a circumstance which will grant them life from the perspective of a weird person.

I don’t know how to be anything but me. If that makes me weird to some people than so be it. I wear my weird better than it can ever be emulated. I will ALWAYS be the original of any carbon copy. – JNAHA™ © 2018

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