We only have 10 years to save the planet

by Gilles Morand

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Posted by Massageplus
The Effect of Pollution on Ecology

The Real Planetary Situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghkQoJoipbM&t=307s

In the year 2000, the United Nations asked scientists, in general, what means they proposed for recreating balance between man and nature, to stop the destruction stemming from exploitation and pollution. The response from the scientists was very clear: "The new way of doing things is our old way".

For example, you may ask any indigenous people (aboriginal of any nation) exactly how their traditions managed to survive the unbelievable scourge of a five hundred year domination, controlled by the white man. The responses will all be similar - they were capable of respecting nature by avoiding its destruction. This specific answer is the same that was provided to the white man, entrepreneur-exploiter and polluter, who asked how to remedy his mistakes.

In April 1994, a white buffalo was born in Jacksonville, Wisconsin. For a bison, being born white appears to be completely impossible. In fact, this is so rare and considered so extraordinary that this occasion is actually unique in history. Furthermore, this special bison was advertised and publicized by Indian elders. This animal, born of another color, is also the symbol of the changes that lay ahead.

Hey! Yes! Aboriginal Indians of the world were persecuted, massacred for a total disappearance of a horrifying 96% - all because the white man wanted to occupy their territories. In the US, sixty million aboriginal people diminished into a mere 800 000 souls. However, these said individuals know the answers to our world's questions and are willing to save the planet from devastation at the hands of the modern man, thanks to their traditional and overall respect for nature. This is the case especially for the traditionalists. The planet is like a mother who bears all life; this is why everyone must respect it. In fact, if we do not put a stop to the exploitation of the earth's tropical rainforests, the oxygen supply will, without a doubt, drop to a slim 50%. Yet, there are thousands of acres of such forests destroyed each day, equivalent to about three million hectares per year. This is nonsense! Further still, what about our western boreal forest cuts for lumber, construction and paper? Or concerning the disappearance of animals? More than a thousand species physically and completely disappear every year. How about what of commercial overfishing? Every year whales wash up on the beach due to changes within the magnetic field. How exactly is such killing, slaughter for exploitation causing pollution and disorder within nature? Since the human body consists of 80% water, this means that contaminated rivers, lakes and oceans is an overall warning sign for the extinction of human beings. In fact, this is what the American Indians and Aboriginal elders are willing to state concerning the violation of the earth over several centuries

Did you know that April 22 every year is Earth Day? This date has been well defined and distinguished in the global, traditional calendar. To remember this important date, where we are asked to perform a single action that benefits the world's environment, we should write "in relief" on the calendar. This is undoubtedly very important. Indeed, the earth goddess Gaia is alive but sick, because she is under the attack of a denatured whack. Gaia's life is our life. We are in danger of death. Man must respect life in all its forms (mineral, vegetable, animal). The smallest blade of grass is as much a form of living life as the largest tree around. The survival of humanity depends on respect for all life, and this, at a global level. Life on our planet is not guaranteed indefinitely. This means that whatever happens, every action stemming from every individual and business is important to the environment. Everyone must do their part! Eliminate the process of destruction to our planet!

What to do? First, think holistically. This means to establish harmony and balance between the body-heart-brain. In short, practice love and compassion throughout life. Then physical action: recycle! Finally, evolve intelligently, so as to maintain people's health and promote ecology, in hopes that a future will be ensured across this majestic blue planet.

When will society function with motor vehicles run by something other than oil - this decaying, fossil fuel? Society appears to await NASA and other such companies that are deemed responsible for marketing a hydrogen-like fuel that would, apparently, allow cars to produce exhaust as pure as the air of the North American Rockies. Some predict it will be hydrogen; but when? The question can be answered by asking and mercantile companies and the individuals exploiting the resource, which expect the depletion of oil stocks to lead us into this new and revolutionary era.

Plastics, especially those that are not recyclable, are here to stay for several more generations; they are petroleum-based, oil pushing countries to kill to get it. And soon, ethanol, derived from corn or sugarcane, Will be the fuel used by the industry and by the individual for his car. Did you know that the biggest air polluters, apart from the industrial world, are cars? There are 650 million motor vehicles currently in circulation on the earth. This is enormous! And China, which once prized the bicycle, now wants cars! Don’t you think we need to find ways that will produce no pollution, or almost none, for less? Protect the environment! How soon will we have electric cars? They are coming soon! Solar electricity currently seems too costly to transform the consumer's daily transportation. However, Japanese and Quebecers have developed an electric car engine that can replace motor oil and be put into your old car... recycle! Wow!

Since the emergence of life on Earth, human intelligence has had to deal with all kinds of plagues. So every time, DNA, intelligent living matter which we are all the result of, has always triggered new connections in the human brain, allowing humans to solve their problems and access a new stage in their evolution. Indeed, the number of brain circuits accessible through our nervous system is 8. It's step by step that man explores the 8 brain circuits and uses them to ensure learning of consciousness within the community. For example, man learns to walk before learning to write. Among the completed pillars of learning for man, we must mention overall development. In this regard, the collective consciousness of humans has a positive impact on behavior. For example, when humans learned to give importance to others; society quickly took advantage of this openness towards others. In turn, man learned from others, there were human exchanges. Which makes it new. So every era has its own share of discoveries. It then comes as a revelation that excites and motivates the human. There are people, and their number is growing, that are smart enough to have figured out concern for the future of humanity: love and compassion for others and energy from the heart. Achieving this love and compassion and, consequently, changing minds will soon be a reality for all. It's just a matter of time. www.solar-revolution-movie.com

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