Review for Talon, come fly with me

by Gigi Sedlmayer

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Posted by freefall
“Talon: Come Fly With Me” by Gigi Sedlmayer (Aurora House)

This book is simply brilliant; it’s also simply delightful and delightfully simple as well. I confess I took it up with trepidation. I felt it would not be for me. Matica, an Australian girl, living with her parents and younger brother high in the Andes of remotest Peru. A girl with serious problems, not the least of them regarding her growth. A ten year old trapped in a two year old’s body, ostracized by the locals, their children forbidden to play with her for fear she would bring them bad luck. A lost, lonely little soul who manages to bond with a pair of condors and finds herself entrusted by the birds with their one precious egg in the hope that she can save it from poachers. It seemed unlikely, I thought. But I opened the book as I felt I must and then did not close it again till the end which, alas, came all too soon.

The style is plain; it’s simple, straightforward English; very instructive to children, I thought. Yet in no time at all disbelief was suspended and rich imagery - that came from I know not where - had me soaring on a more than three meter wing span, soaring with a pair of condors, high in the pure Andean air. That and waiting in nail biting tension with Matica and her family to see if the pair’s egg would hatch.

Does it? No way do I say. There will be no spoilers from me. But I will say that the tale has a high moral ending which is extremely uplifting as well, particularly for Matica. Obviously the book is intended for children and young adults but if it can entrance a hard bitten seventy year old like me it must be good for everyone.

“Talon” by Gigi Sedlmayer (Aurora House) I recommend it to all.

D. A. Barker; Author of “Killing for Christmas,” & “What Am I?”

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