The Journal #51

by Sam Smith

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Posted by samsmith
The latest Jounral - #51 - has the final instalment of Douglas Dutton's translation of the Hávamál - from the Norse of Jónas Kristjánson and Vésteinn Ólason - while Rob Morgan mourns anew Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Peter Day, Andy Hickmott, Emma Lee and myself see that all these folk get their collections and chapbooks reviewed - Catherine Ayres, Fillipa Bahrke, R. V. Bailey, Denise Bennett, Claire Booker, David Broadbridge, Jane Burn, David Clarke, Martin Connolly, Gram Joel Davis, Jennie Farley, Catherine Graham, Pauline Hawkesworth, Gillian Henchley, Fokkina McDonnell, Joan McGavin, Stuart Medland, Patrick Osada, Alan Price, Adam Que, rufo quintarelle, Paul Sutton, Brenda Williams and Mick Yates.

Poetry being The Journal's raison d'être there is of course new work in #51 from James Bell / Celestial Brizuela / Robin Brumby / Horace Cavallo / Laura Chalar / Gram Joel Davis / Alan Dixon / Clive Donovan / Stephen Philip Druce /

Matt Duggan / Carolina Esses / Susan Evans / Mike Ferguson / Jeremy Valentine Freeman Ganem / Christopher Hopkins / Gill McEvoy / Lee McLaughlin /

Jessica Mookherjee / Bibhu Padhi / Laura Potts / Dave Shortt / KV Skene / J. P. V. Stewart / John Torrance / Gerry Wells / John White / F J Williams and Rodney Wood

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