Crossing the Chasms of Life: A Little Bit of Heaven and A Lot of Hell

by Audrey Gittens

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Posted by Neltam16
I am a Caribbean woman with a global perspective on life. This book is based on my life’s trajectory, the hills and troughs that I climbed, and the passion I have for any undertaking. My education, training, and experience have propelled me to other career fields, including housing, public service, information, and labor. My most notable trait is that I am a humanitarian, always defending the vulnerable and marginalized. Reviewers of the book stated the following:

“ A lesson in determination”

“A heart wrenching and inspiring memoir which lays bare the tragedies and victories of a storied life”

“The details of the harrowing narrative, draws the reader into a painful truth that pierces straight to the heart.

The book is available on Amazon

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