by marjorie Hembroff

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Posted by mhembroff
There you were

All alone in there

Such a pretty little one

Looking up hopefully

"We would like a visit"

"If you please"

You were exquisite

We were escorted to a little room

She brought you into the playroom

You looked up hopefully

While stepping gingerly

Such pretty golden eyes

You purred and purred

Such pretty golden eyes

You rubbed against my legs

You purred and purred

You pleaded as you looked up

"We'll take her"

She replied in somber tones

"She would have been euthanized tomorrow"

"No, I don't have a carrier"

"I'll carry her"

You cuddled in my arms

Looking up with devotion

Then hiding your head in my coat

You closed your eyes

You purred and purred

All the way home


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