New Adult 'What If I Go?'

by Polly White

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Posted by Polly4
My debut novel is out with Solstice Publishing now.see


Grace Negrescu is a Romanian teenager dreaming of UK streets paved with gold. Zul Moham-mad is the savvy bad-boy from Birmingham who saw her coming. At first, she craves independ-ence. Then money. Then love. What she gets is a rough deal.

While she figures out what she actually needs in an unfamiliar city, she spirals towards abuse. Amidst a cocktail of toxic sweeteners, her instinct is never to give up but a new friend recom-mends that she run. Only her diary knows everything. What if she goes?

Bewildered, she considers the tortuous case presented by Detective Inspector Stretton. By drop-ping superstitions, she could believe in a worker at the Centre called Joe, telling her about deserving justice. Hopefully, she can reclaim her identity and switch to the right path... Until Grace discovers how to trust again, what are the chances?

Despite these complications, all she needs is faith.

A cautionary tale for older teens, parents—anyone who's questioned how innocent students from good families are so easily sucked into the sleazy underworld.

So, it's an empowering story of a girl's faith through adversity, in the cross-cultural setting of the UK. The sixteen year old protagonist, Grace, starts her trip to England naively. In an attempt to fit in she gets sexually exploited. An ideal read for freshers at college or Uni to warn them of the dangers of being groomed by gangs.There's hope to turn her life around and reclaim her identity.

Find out how she survives her ordeal with much help from professionals.


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On 16th January Fiona McVie interviewed me here-

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