Some People Are Like The Old Prospector's Mule...You Have To Hit 'Em Between The Eyes With A Two-By-Four To Get Their Attention!

by Joseph Calitri

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Posted by JStudd1
The 2016 Presidential And Congressional Elections Are Rapidly Approaching!

For the benefit of new voters and those who find it difficult to assess political candidates:

The new publication, Some People Are Like The Old Prospector's Mule...You Have To Hit 'Em Between The Eyes With A Two-By-Four To Get Their Attention!, is an inspiring and fact-based book designed to provide readers with valuable information to help them become informed voters.

Chapters include:

True Conservatism, The Scourge Of Liberalism, The Dishonest Media, The Secular War Against Religion, Government Lawlessness, Liberals Are Incapable Of Governing, The Nightmare Of Socialism and the current Constitutional Crisis!

Book excerpts can be found at

The past two decades have exposed far too many “low-information” voters who elected incompetent leftist politicians.

All across our nation a quiet rage is building against the liberal assault upon American values. More so than ever in the history of America, the concerns and patience of its people are being tested, tried and attacked by a group of elitists that is Hell-bent on the destruction of this country. Voters can make a difference by adequately researching political candidates before casting their ballots.

I want you to be resilient enough to protect your rights and resist tyranny. America is calling, and we citizens must band together and fight or we will lose our country to illegals, terrorists and Liberals. Refuse to remain silent! Question boldly, hold to the truth and speak without fear! The only rights you have in this world are the ones you are willing to fight for. But you are not alone!

Some People Are Like The Old Prospector's Mule…is now available at discount prices from, Barnes & Noble, book retailers and directly from the author at and

"Conservative-minded folks will enjoy and appreciate The Old Prospector's Mule, self-described political moderates will avail themselves of some valuable information, and leftists will learn why their ideology doesn't work!"

***Don't Be A "NO-INFORMATION" Voter***

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