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by Carol Donahue

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Posted by cjdonahue00
Hi, my name is Carol J Donahue, I make my home in So Florida with my husband John who is retired from a successful career as a Jockey. I have worn many hats in my life; Waitress, Hostess, Caterer, Accountant and Administrative Assistant. But my love is Art and Literature. I have always admired authors who's work brings out deep feelings in their readers. It is my hope that my writing does the same for you.

l have written and illustrated two Children's books and one Novel. You may click on the links below to access them on Amazon and Kindle.

Kindle: Cool Willy Green and Friends: A book of Children's poems

Amazon: Cool Willy Green and Friends, A book of Children's poems

Barns & Noble: Cool Willy Green and Friends

Kindle: How Willy Got His Magic Hat: A story about bullying.

Amazon: How Willy Got His Magic Hat.

Kindle: Book of Shadows Trilogy

Amazon:Book of Shadows Trilogy:

A captivating quick moving romance suspense novel with a believable touch of paranormal. You’ll find it different than most romance novels you’ve read with a surprising plot twist. It is definitely worth the read.

Rian and Kareena met at ski lodge in the Berkshires, falling fast and hard. With their lives headed in different directions they had no hope of a future together, but the attraction was so great that try as they may they couldn't stay apart.

With deep conflict between securing his future in politics and his love for Kareena, Rian faces insurmountable odds, as Sean will stop at nothing to push his son into the political spotlight.

Dark and dangerous adversaries play a role in the lives of Rian's family, and only his father knows the full extent of the consequences that would befall them if he did not up hold his end of a bargain that was forged years earlier.

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