Why Kid’s Books Matter

by Jerry Bader

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Of all the books people read, it’s children’s books that will leave the most lasting impression. This longevity can be attributed to the pleasant associations children have of sitting on their parents’ or grandparents’ laps listening to the singsong verses of exotic tales of mystery and principle.

Two Dragons Named Shoe is Now Available on Blurb: http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/577412-two-dragons-named-shoe

The Criminal McBride is the second in the ZaZa Books for Kids series.


Why Rhyme?

The combination of musical alliteration and constant repetition deepens the emotional and psychological impact as well as long-term memory recognition. Children’s books are meant to be read to and by children over and over delivering a trio of educational, cultural, and communication skills through the clever use of language, art, and storytelling.

Available in Print and eBook Formats?

Children’s books should not be one-dimensional flat constructs, but rather the engagement of multiple senses, visual, auditory, and emotional, combining to enhance, entertain, educate, and delight.

The sound of a parent or grandparent rhythmically bringing a tale to life is an association children will cherish for a lifetime. But not all parents or grandparents have the knack of lively presentation, and there comes a time when children want to do things themselves; to fill that void we’ve created print and digital ebook versions that can be played on an iPad or iPhone.

Audio Enhanced

Many of the ZaZa Books will be enhanced with a special audio file delivered by a professional voice actor so that children get the full experience of expert storytelling even if their parents are busy making dinner or doing chores.

Why do kids books matter?

Children’s books matter because to most of us, children are the most important things in our lives.

Every Story Has A Message

The Criminal McBride tells the tale of a ne’er-do-well villain who tries very hard to find a place he can hide but ends up loosing his ill-gotten gains, and winds up alone on a desert island with only a couple of chimps to keep him company. The rhyming text and humorous colorful illustrations are designed to teach an entertaining lesson, fostering good behavior. bit.ly/29ZhSGw

Two Dragons Named Shoe is the first in the series of children’s books produced by MRPwebmedia. The book uses colorful images and rhythmic poetic text to deliver an enjoyable, enlightening, and memorable experience. The book teaches children how the townsfolk used cooperation and discussion to solve the problem of two dragons with the same name. Each ZaZa Book for Kids is available in both print and ebook (with enhanced audio) versions. bit.ly/1T7NM0e

What’s Coming?

Two Dragons Named Shoe, The Town That Didn’t Speak, The Criminal McBride, The Bad Puppeteer, Blue Cherry Pie, The Monster of Big Sur, The Head of State, The Family Jones, The Jailer, The Viking King

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