This ‘Ain’t’ No Mary Poppins World

by Jerry Bader

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Film Noir: Film Noir (Dark or Black Film) is a term coined by French film critics describing the American pulp fiction crime melodramas of the 1940s and 50s. It’s a cinematic style and genre that reflects a menacing and fatalistic point-of-view. It combined a post-depression angst with a cold war era fear as interpreted by German expressionist directors and cinematographers, and their American and British devotees.

Every decade has its over-arching spirit: a zeitgeist that defines the era for history, both illuminating and hiding its realities. The 1920s were ‘The Roaring 20s’ with its anti authority speakeasies and flappers, while ‘The Dirty 30s’ were dominated by both financial and human depression. The 40s were ‘The War Years’, overshadowed by anxiety, atrocity, and nobility; while the 50s ushered in an era of consumerism, and paranoia fostered by the beginning of ‘The Cold War’.

Film Noir was a mirror of society. The psychological perspective of the time was reflected in both art and commerce, and it parallels much of the same feelings in today’s society. Understanding the zeitgeist of a particular time period establishes the criteria required to develop the strategies that inform the approach one can to take create a book, movie, or television series that will hit all the right psychological trigger points.

This ‘Ain’t’ No Mary Poppins World

We live in an era dominated by a War On Terror, rogue nations, crackpot militia groups, and ‘ganefs’ passing themselves off as business and political leaders. People are cynical, pessimistic, and all too often hardened by polarizing politics and economic hardship. Father Knows Best has been replaced by Sin City.

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