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by Jeron McCall

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Posted by JeronMcCall
Ever since I was a child who sometimes went to work with my mother at her job in corporate America, I have wanted to be a businessman. I liked the environment. The idea that people could sit behind desks while working towards making money so they could live comfortable lives impressed me. Although I intended to major in business in college, things changed and my major became political science. Despite that, I never lost my desire to become a businessman; I will not stop until I succeed at becoming a successful, self-employed entrepreneur.

Throughout my schooling, I was told by teachers that I was a good writer. And after college when I was broke, unemployed, and still living with my mother, I decided to use my writing as a platform to become a businessman. My intention was to derive money from my writings, which would give me the opportunity to work for myself as I enlightened people with my ideas. I then began working on The Corrupting of the Redeemer.

As I strive to succeed in the world of literary self-publishing, I see how one must be innovative in order to rise above the competition. Without finding ways to differentiate ones work from that of others, people will fail to give consumers a reason to purchase their product. When that occurs, aspiring entrepreneurs will not achieve the wealth that they desire. That will be because the money they seek to earn will have gone to their competitors.

Failure is not an option for me. I will continually strive to find new ways to separate myself from the competition, thereby making myself and my product better than the rest. And when I succeed, I will be able to marvel at my ability to have done what others have failed to do. Many people fail because they lack the drive needed to move ahead of the competition. I will ensure that I do not become one of those people, by maintaining an innovative mind that embraces new ideas so that I can outperform my competitors. And being innovative will be responsible for my success.

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