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I have a new #NSP National Service program to disburse backpacks to all Americans the leg up they will need to help all of our #disadvantaged #homeless #veterans #poverty #mentalhealth #parole #reparations & I learned what we will stock them with

This is not about giving away the fish the backpack program is about reaching people how to fish getting all those who are disadvantaged the opportunity to be advantaged - disadvantage can happen to any of us I know it happened to me so I use these lessons learned to teach others who to fish and rise up backpacks one @ a time ...

Roy Baron "Backpack" for USA President in 2016

Meet me in Harpers Ferry WV and or Washington DC

One man one backpack to rise up a nation to help those who sincerely need a leg up of the #disadvantaged 316 million Americans desperate for a new future for them, their children and their grandchildren

Helping one backpack at a time

This is me and my Mom as I head out to Harpers Ferry WV and DC

I was caregiving for my Mom the last couple of weeks to help take care of her after my Dad died and now I am backpack on the trails of the cities and wilderness

Vote #RoyBaronPotus45

Let's work together US Unites!

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