Arrogance Kills Reason

by Jeron McCall

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Posted by JeronMcCall
Many people who know me feel that I am a highly intelligent person. I don't disagree with that contention because I know that it is true. As such, I find it extremely annoying when people insist upon arguing with me when they are wrong, and I know that I am right.

Some people may think that the person who is correct is relative, but that is not true when reputable sources can be referred to in order to prove who is speaking righteously. I refuse to argue with anyone unless I am certain that the things I say are true. However, some people are intent upon arguing with me, even when they have no facts to support their beliefs. That is because they are arrogant, and their arrogance causes them to ignore reason, resulting in them spreading their foolish and false ideas.

When people think that they know than everyone else, and are unwilling to entertain the possibility that they are wrong, they eventually make fools of themselves. Nobody on earth knows everything, because there is always someone who knows more than they do about a particular issue. But when they insist that they are correct when they are truly incorrect, they show that they not only know less than they expressed they knew, but they also become less trustworthy. Their unsubstantiated claims gives people sufficient cause to question anything they say in the future.

If arrogant people expect people to accept what they say as truth, they need to acknowledge when they are wrong or ignorant of a given topic. Smart people are intelligent not because we know everything, but because we are willing to continually learn and receive new information. Embracing new knowledge can only occur when people acknowledge that there are things that they can still learn. When arrogant people accept that reality, they will stop being dismissed as arrogant, stupid fools, and will be headed towards being truly knowledgeable.

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