The Ten Not So Subtle Signs You Purchased a Bad House

by Monte Anderson

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Posted by MonteR
Okay, you bought a new house on good faith. How can you tell if you purchased a nice home or one that is toxic? Here are the ten subtle signs that your new home might not be a good bargain.

1. You dog keeps finding bones in your back yard.

2. The mailperson wears a HAZMAT suit to deliver the mail.

3. The UPS delivery person sweeps your sidewalk with a mine detector whenever he makes a delivery.

4. There’s crime scene tape across your front door.

5. There’s an outline of a body on your living room floor.

6. The local motorcycle gang keeps throwing beer cans on your front lawn.

7. Your GPS can’t find your house.

8. When you tell people your address they roll their eyes.

9. Your house is a stop on the haunted house tour.

10. Your backyard keeps getting smaller as pieces keep falling off into the ocean.

I’m sure there are other signs. I hope this helps you make a wise decision when you purchase a house.

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