Earth Will Gain One Extra Second in 2016. Use it Wisely.

by Monte Anderson

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Posted by MonteR
Earth Will Gain One Extra Second in 2016

Due to Earth's rotation, 2016 will gain one extra second. Use it wisely. Here are some suggestions on what you can do with one second:

• Exhale – You might be able to do this and inhale within one second but don’t continue or you may hyperventilate.

• Inhale – See above comments.

• Hold your breath – Don’t forget to start breathing again after one second.

• Count to one

• Mediate – Opps, sorry. I just tried this and fell asleep. Where was I? Oh yeah, what to do with one second.

• Kiss your significant other.

• Hug a child.

• Tell your employer your pay must increase. For example, if you earn $15 per hour, you should get a pay increase of $0.0042. Hey, every little bit helps.

• Relax – we all could use extra time to relax.

It might be better to add that second onto time used for something:

• Add one second to microwave food.

• When someone says, “Give me a second,” you could give them a this second. Of course, they would now then have two seconds. What a great gift.

• When you say, “Just a second,” or “Hold on a second,” you could use this second. It’s like free time.

• Add one second to your love making, if you can.

Perhaps you have some ideas? Let hear them.

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