Are You Still Keeping Your #Fraternity on Your #Resume? You Were Warned.

by Monte Anderson

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Posted by MonteR
Okay, I’ve been warning you. If you haven’t removed your fraternity from your resume, you should do it now. Last chance. There are basically two types of fraternities; those who have done something publicly offensive (like rape) and those who haven't...yet. It would be best not to admit to being a member until after you're hired. Even after you get the job, you may not want to confess.

Stanford University -- Kappa Alpha, Brock Turner’s fraternity, joins the list of suspended frats that include:

Cornell University -- Psi Upsilon. Wolfgang Ballinger president of the chapter was arrested after an alleged sexual assault in his fraternity house bedroom.

University of Illinois -- Delta Tau Delta. John Enochs received a light plea bargain for one count of misdemeanor battery, instead of the two charges of felony rape.

Buffalo State College -- Alpha Phi Alpha after pledge dies recently as a result of off-campus fraternity hazing stunt.

University of Florida – Zeta Beta Tau fraternity for obscene behavior.

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA -- Sigma Nu for posting an offensive sign.

University of OK (not to be confused with You Okay) – Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members sang racial slurs on a bus.

Yale -- Delta Kappa Epsilon for offensive chants.

University of Arizona – Sigma Alpha Epsilon for racial slurs and off campus behavior.

Cal State Northridge -- Tau Kappa Epsilon for hazing and sexual misconduct and Pi Kappa Phi for the death of a student.

University of Michigan -- Sigma Alpha Mu and sorority Sigma Delta Tau for trashing rooms at a ski resort.

Clemson University, SC -- Sigma Alpha Epsilon for racism.

Wesleyan University -- Psi Upsilon for possible rape (law suit)

Georgia Tech -- Phi Kappa Tau for offensive e-mail.

Arizona State University -- Tau Kappa Epsilon's hosting an offensive racial themed party. Also at ASU in 2013 -- a drunk member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was dumped at an emergency room. In 2012 as student drowned after a frat event.

Do you see the trend? Don’t join any fraternity with the Greek letters of Alpha, Delta, Epsilon, Kappa or Sigma. What the hell – don’t join any fraternity. (The above list isn’t all inclusive.)

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