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by Monte Anderson

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Posted by MonteR
I just read on my newsfeed (under money) an article by Craig Warga written for #Bloomberg listing 21 colleges with free tuition. Of course, he missed four major schools that offer free tuition. Some of the schools listed by Warga don’t offer free tuition to every student and many don’t cover all expenses like books, room and board. Some base the amount of free tuition on family income. A few require students to work at least 10 hours per week in campus-approved jobs. Few of these schools offer guaranteed job placement after graduation.

There are four schools that offer free tuition, free room and board and don’t require students to work 10 hours per week. They also guarantee employment after graduation. These schools are: The United States Military Academy (#USMA) at #West Point, NY, the United States Naval Academy (#USNA) at Annapolis, MD, the United States Air Force Academy (#USAFA) at Colorado Spring, CO and the School of Hard Knocks.

The value of an #education from a military academy is estimated to be $400,000. The value of an education from the School of Hard Knocks is not available. The academies offer free tuition to 100% of the students, including all expenses like books, room and board, and uniforms without regard to family income. There is no requirement to work. Military service employment is pretty much guaranteed after graduation. The School of Hard Knocks offers the same with the exception of free uniforms, but students may have to endure some hard knocks.

For more information, interested students should contact their Congressperson, Senator or the Admission Office at the academy of interest. For the School of Hard Knocks, just get off your butts and get to work. Best wishes and good luck.

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