Storyteller Series

by Warren Brown

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Posted by Warren
I have created a new series about "The Storyteller".

A Lost Soul Discovered

Who is this mysterious Man and why had he come to Earth?

A naked man appears on a highway and he is rescued by an earth woman called Eva. The man is weak and is nursed to health by the woman. The man is unable to protect the woman as she is attacked. Henry has no memory of who he is and so goes to find out his origins. It is later revealed to Henry that he is an extra-terrestrial called the Storyteller and he has arrived on Earth in 2070 AD to save the planet.

˃˃˃ Mission of the Storyteller

William Blade is the real name of the rescued man and he gets a job volunteering at a local library. He meets a young man who offers to help him at the local library. The Storyteller has a mark on his shoulders. The young man finds a meaning for the tattoo. William Blade is visited by a phantasm with a message. He needs to visit the Dimension of Lost Souls to find out who he really is. The Journey of discovery begins as William Blade sets off on the quest to becoming the Storyteller.

˃˃˃ The Raven Abductions

On his way to work one morning Henry saw a poster of a missing person. A person was abducted and the posters can be seen all around the town. "Man carried away by Raven," was the title of the poster, with a photo of the man, whose name was Brad Fergus. Brad was a slim bespectacled man, who must have been feather-weight to get carried off by a bird, even a large one.

Eyewitnesses say that they saw a large raven carry away the person.

˃˃˃ Magic in the Art

He has nothing to defend himself. It would be foolish to approach the men without any form of weapon in hand. Henry is now more nervous than afraid. He is undecided about how to handle this situation and how to react to these intruders entering his home.

Henry drops the stack of papers which he has on his desk while going for his mobile phone, to phone the police, when he notices something strange. It seems that the drawings which he has done on the blank sheets of paper come alive. The cube which he had drawn comes out of the paper in a three-dimensional form and grows larger and larger surrounding him.

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