Kingdom Writers Conference- San Diego July 2016

by Brae Wyckoff

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Posted by braewyckoff
Registration is NOW here

If we place our dreams before God and ask Him to bless them then amazing things will happen and most of the time better than you imagined was possible because our God knows us better than ourselves.

This happened to me when I started dreaming of a writers conference to happen in San Diego, but I didn't want just an event but instead something that would change peoples lives, something that God was doing and not what I wanted done. I presented my dream before Him and He birthed the Kingdom Writers Conference here in San Diego.

In order to have a conference you need some big names to draw in people. I met Williiam Paul Young, you might have heard of him, he wrote a little book called The Shack which has now sold over 25 million copies. It was about 5 years ago when my wife and I attended a Bethel conference called Writing Unto His Glory and it was there I met him. Three years later I started a radio show blog and contacted him for an interview. He agreed and it was a monumental moment in my life especially being an author myself to hear what God had breathed in and through his work.

I contacted Paul Young for this conference and he said yes. I have not stopped planning and coordinating ever since. You don't know what it takes to put a conference together until it is in your lap. The hardest part is having everything line up for schedules within busy lives.

Pastor Tracey Armstrong is the Lead Pastor for all Citadel churches. The main campus is in Seattle where he pastors at. After getting my pastors blessing it was now time to contact Pastor Tracey and cast the mission and vision of what God had placed inside of me. With Armstrong's passion for the arts and media it was emphatically embraced and July became our target month.

Several emails later, we locked down July 7th-10th. Now that that was taken care of I started asking the question what does it take financially to do this? Well, it takes a lot and as much as I like free conferences it wasn't going to happen for this one. We came up with our budget and cost estimates and figured out the registration cost for people to attend. $59 for a conference filled with insight, encouragement, and a prophetic call to arms for writing is so worth the investment. I have paid three times that amount for conferences in the past and this one will pack a punch. $89 for couples...well worth the investment that could change your life.

Now, in regards to this VIP Dinner...I have always imagined having the opportunity to sit down with special speakers to just talk and get to know them. Well, since I am heading up this conference I said to myself let's do that. Only 25 people will be in this dinner with all four speakers attending. Wow! I wish we could do more but I strongly felt 25 was the number for an intimate dinner and have time to get to know each other, ask questions, and to get some valuable insight and direction possibly for those 25 pursuing a writing career. Even if I wasn't writing I would just want to be there and I'm sure some of you will do just that. $99 for the dinner for only 25 people. It will sell out fast so make sure to register and then add the dinner on. What a unique experience to have. We will have a professional photographer there as well to take pictures and document the event.

Get ready San Diego! It is time to pull on heaven and write on earth. There are stories in the vaults of heaven that have not been released yet. God has told me because I asked and has now given me a story to tell that is directly from the vault. I can't tell you what it is but if you are in my critique group then you will have firsthand readings of what will become a huge success. It mind sound arrogant to speak like this saying that it will be a huge success but if you got a prophetic word from someone who doesn't know you and they say your name, your wife's name, your children's name, what books you have written, and know that your daughters are both pregnant then it will get your attention mighty quickly. God spoke through Shawn Bolz in September of 2015 at an event we were not even attending but several of our friends were. "God said that Brae's next project will go mainstream." Now, I am not being arrogant, but instead standing on the promise of what God has said will happen much like He told the disciples we are going to the other side in the boat. A storm rose up against them but Jesus rested and slept, why, because He said let's go to the other side. It was already ordained so no matter any storm they would go to the other side.

"San Diego is to be the birthplace of Christian books, screenplays, short stories, songs, poems, and more that will rival the legends of old such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. San Diego will be the "New Inklings" being intentional to pull on heaven and write on earth stories that are waiting to be released from the vaults of heaven.

We will formulate groups throughout San Diego that are genre focused where writers can collaborate, discuss, and encourage one another's works in the ultimate goal of becoming a published and successful author.

Quarterly meetings with all groups will be conducted to discuss fruit, testimonies, and encourage the body of Christ. Yearly conference with keynote speakers will be planned and organized in San Diego. Awards and recognition will be conducted throughout the year."

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