Living in Vietnam

by Adam Mann

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Posted by AdamtheMann
I've lived, and worked, in Vietnam for nearly twenty years and got to know the local people fairly well, but some things still amaze me. In particular family and social things.

I married a widow 18 years ago and she had three children to add to my four, so we have seven between us. Her youngest daughter gave birth to a son last month, so now we have five grandchildren!

I was not so aware how important a son is to a family, and he is only a few weeks old, but visitors will actually delve into the baby's nappy to make sure with their own eyes that the baby is male!

Amazing! Perhaps they don't want to believe that it is a boy.

Most of the books I have written contain a lot of my own life's experiences and now I'm wondering how to include that into a chapter?

Does such a thing happen anywhere else?

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