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by Adam Mann

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Posted by AdamtheMann
My work has taken me all over the world, and I have been able to work and live for long periods of time in some remote and regrettably dangerous areas. Let’s rephrase that. The war or rebellion started after I got there! That sounds worse…

I have also been able to work in some spectacular parts of the world, like to distant sight of K2 Mountain in the early morning when I was working in the north of Pakistan, and the frescoes at Singiriya in Sri Lanka, two examples I will never forget.

My work has also had a great effect on my personal life; unfortunately my first wife died when the children were still at school, and that certainly had a serious effect on the youngest, the third. My second wife could not stand the remoteness of some of my work locations, and volunteered to stay at home, which is one of the easiest ways to get divorced. I met a beautiful lady when I was working in East Africa, whose family originated from Gujarat in India. Unfortunately her first husband turned up, and our marriage was dissolved as she had forgotten to get divorced herself. For the last eighteen years I have now been married to my fourth wife who was a Vietnamese widow, and had three children of her own which gives is seven children between us.

That life experience was a great platform for writing romance novels, and my first was published by Blushing Books in 2013, but they have changed their editorial staff and have declined more manuscripts. In desperation I had self-published twelve books using Smashwords and Amazon, and offered these to All Romance eBooks.

Mundania Books took up the baton, and have published four of my books, and more recently eXtasy has published one, whilst Global Publishing Group now have four including a print facility which many of my older readers prefer.

I try to write something every morning, but I find my inspiration comes to me usually during the night, so I get up and try to outline the plot and characters even in the middle of the night!

As I start to fill out the framework I find that sometimes my characters take over the plot, and the finished product is nothing like my original draft. I only write in English, but the story sometimes requires me to incorporate some foreign words, so I found that I had to leave out of my narrative the so-called four letter words, as these often meant something in other languages. But I do include passionate sex scenes usually between my hero and his ladies, and I try to conclude the story with a Happy Ever After ending.

Oh yes, I’ll let you into a secret. I have now discovered where angels come from – seven year old granddaughters.


Adam Mann.

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