Shameful Black Social Issue

by Elliott Alhadeff

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Posted by ealha525
"Who Is Clarence Mckinsey?" (Readers Favorite 5 star reviews; available at is an effort to identify the inescapable horrors confronting the imprisoned segment of our black youth destined to lives of relentless poverty, stupidity, ignorance and waste. These are the children of the black ghetto born to single black mothers who relegate themselves and their children to hopelessness. Unless....

.... Unless there is an intervention - as with Clarence McKinsey. The Geffens - an elderly, white, Jewish couple find him scrounging for food and take pity on him, saving him from his wretched destiny of the ghetto - then guiding him through the challenges of their own white, cultural prejudices and bigotry... And his survival makes up the chemistry of his identity and his amazing potential and confronts the reader of our shameful societal waste.

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