Red Giant: Baptism Of Fire - Book Three

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Pages: 234

Rank: 2,992,328

ASIN: B07B8W1V58

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Description: The human resistance had struck a significant blow to the Firewalker invasion, but the continuing battle for survival is about to get tougher. Forced into hiding, the colony embarks on a perilous voyage to Planet Cylacus, where a group of stranded explorers encounter many dangers and discoveries.

Suffering the consequence of failure, Faceless is removed from command and imprisoned, only to be informed of a staggering claim that leaves him seeking revenge against his father. As he prepares for another encounter with the Creators, Grand Oxelabar sends out his fighters to hunt down and destroy the last of the human resistance.

The chronicle draws to a conclusion in one colossus battle; ranging from the surface of Planet Cylacus to beyond its starry sky, that will leave a lasting impact to the solar system, for now and forevermore.

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