Behind the Pen

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A Message from Khali Raymond

Behind the Pen. This is probably the my most insightful project yet. It took a lot of courage to write and piece together. I basically talked of my life before, during, and after writing. It's like a textbook of myself. The reason why I call it Behind the Pen is because nobody ever looks behind the pen. You see the books, the interviews and stuff--but what you don't see is a man with a broken heart, shutting himself out from the world just so he can keep all of you happy and entertained...

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Pages: 318

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Publisher: YTER/x Surreal Dreamz Inc.

Description: In "Behind the Pen," Khali Raymond reflects back on his entire life. From his place of birth to the schools he attended, he's going to tell it all. Life in Newark, New Jersey wasn't easy for the young man. From coping with the loss of his father to childhood bullying, there's not a punch Khali Raymond is going to hold in this memoir. Telling you major aspects of his life is not the only thing he's doing in this book. His views on politics, religion, race, love and all other aspects of society will be touched base on throughout the entire book. It's beyond a pen. It's beyond a bar. It's a destiny. It's his destiny.

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