The Fixer: A Collection of Tales from the Life of a Notorious Jockey and His Exploits Among the Dangerous Gangsters, Degenerate Gamblers, and Corrupt Billionaires of the Horse Racing World

biography, crime, sports, horse racing, and true story

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A Message from Jerry Bader

The true life story of a son of a concentration camp survivor left to fend for himself using his wit, charm, and guts to survive and prosper as a jockey, trainer, and fixer of horse races all while navigating through an environment populated by gamblers, gangsters, and billionaires. Amazon:

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Pages: 146

Rank: 580,737


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Publisher: Rebel Seed Publishing

Description: A collection of true stories of a jockey and his exploits in the horse racing world from the 1960s through the 1990s.

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