Missing in the Hollows: Hollow Hills Explorers Series—Book 2

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Pages: 194

Rank: 3,067,198


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Publisher: Archway Publishing

  • TheBest Teen Mystery Book to Read
  • TheTeen Mystery Adventures that Thrill Your Nerves
  • ABook that takes you to another world
  • It'ssomething that you haven't done before!
  • Who'smissing? Let's find it.
A student goes missing from Hollow Hills Middle School. Students report seeing Callie in the early morning hours sitting in the hallway. And that was the last time anyone saw her. Even the police cannot find any leads. Teachers ask students to report any information. Has she become a runaway? Sounds like a quest for the Hollow Hills Explorers.

Go along with the Hollow Hills Explorers--Dalton, Faith, Finn, and Oliver--as they follow the trail and the evidence that Callie left behind. Even though Faith was bullied by Callie in a scheme to make her look bad in front of the whole school and her boyfriend, Dalton, Faith and Dalton will use their tracking dogs, Spirit and Keeper, to help find her. As Callie wrestles with her own conscience and finds herself surrounded by strange, mysterious, paranormal phenomena as she struggles to survive, the Hollow Hills Explorers and Spirit and Keeper follow their noses to discover a mysterious portal at the front door of the school--and they might be the first dogs to travel to other times and dimensions!

Join the Hollow Hills Explorers in the second book of the Hollow Hills Explorers series as they tackle exciting new adventures involving survival, mystery, paranormal happenings, time travel, and meteor showers.

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