Jobmobbers: Under the Watchful Eye of the Coyote

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Pages: 134

Rank: 2,350,661

ASIN: B018X374W2

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Publisher: iUniverse

  • A book by one of the most followed female mystery writer in Canada
  • The Most Exciting suspense thriller novel
  • Let the thrill begin!
  • A struggle that may end in death
Link Aerospace Corporation recruits Dawn MacGregor right after she graduates from MIT. Thrilled, she moves to Boulder, Colorado, ready to start a brand-new life and career.

Early on, however, strange things begin happening. Someone keys her car, and her belongings are moved around or go missing entirely. It seems some of her new coworkers have decided to sabotage her, and soon it goes well beyond minor damage and pranks. The mob targets her with actions that are increasingly dangerous, and Dawn begins to deteriorate psychologically and physically. As the world she once knew becomes a distant reality, the only constant in her life is a coyote that appears regularly just beyond the tree line across from her turn-of-the-century Victorian home, seemingly keeping watch over her. Dawn must try to put the jobmobbers in their place--before their bullying threatens her life.

In this suspenseful novel, a woman faces vicious workplace bullies in a struggle that may end with her death unless she can find a way to fight back.

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