Horsewoman: is love more than a one-trick pony? (The Unfinished Business of Love Book 1)

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Pages: 156

Rank: 762,452


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Publisher: Patchwork Bluez

Description: Once upon a time, Melanie Burton and Heather Spencer-Poole lived together. They broke up because Mel enrolled in the police academy to become the cop that Heather, daughter of the police chief, doesn’t want. After the breakup, Mel earns promotions, becoming a sergeant in the narcotics unit. Meanwhile, Heather, a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, resigns her position to raise a son and marries a detective.

Heather’s father, Police Chief Archie Spencer, feels guilty about the lies he told Mel ten years ago when she inquired about his daughter. He wanted to keep the women away from each other so he claimed that Heather discovered men, got pregnant, and married one. Feeling guilty about his actions, Archie invites Melanie to his ranch upstate to recuperate from a nearly career-ending wound. Once again, he lies, claiming his daughter needs help only Mel can provide. He knows Mel doesn’t have a woman and neither does his daughter. He hopes the women will allow love to happen again.

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