Books, Balls, and Dogs: an Ohio love story

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Pages: 335

Rank: 925,973


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Publisher: Patchwork Bluez

Description: Taylor Price, head librarian, is a brand new arrival in town. Lost, Taylor meets Jamie Underwood, the flag person from a road repair crew who guides her to the town’s only veterinarian. Later on, Jamie turns out to be her daughter’s soccer coach. The two women have several run-ins on the soccer field, on the roadway in front of Taylor’s home, at the library, and in Taylor’s basement, her kitchen, and her driveway. Bumping heads creates friction between the two women, but it leads to an undeniable attraction as well.

Neither woman realizes the dog Jamie found giving birth to seven puppies in her garage weeks ago is the same dog Taylor’s daughter has been scouring their neighborhood to find. The budding relationship between the two women takes an unexpectedly negative turn when the facts surface and the dog’s true ownership is revealed.

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