Second Chances: love or murder?

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A Message from Betty Wilson

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Publisher: Patchwork Bluez


SECOND CHANCES, at love and murder

Wanna read a sexy thriller that’ll keep you guessing whodunit till the end? Get your copy of BL Wilson’s new mystery novel from Kindle.

In the suspense novel, Second Chances, at love and murder, Lieutenant Gwen Weston “meets” playgirl, Dr. Angela Bennett, when she investigates an attempted murder on the doctor’s life. Fifteen months before, a brutal assailant left Dr. Bennett to die on an isolated stretch of Harlem River Drive in New York City. The beating put her in a coma and Gwen was as surprised as everyone else that the woman could survive the extensive loss of blood and physical trauma.

After her investigation reveals no suspects, Gwen closes the doctor’s case but maintains a monthly vigil at the coma clinic. When Angela regains consciousness and begins rebuilding her wounded body and chaotic personal life, Gwen reopens the case. Then one of Gwen’s officers dies in a shootout. Angela becomes Gwen’s confidant, and providing comfort becomes the pretext for the two women to draw even closer.

It’s a frightening tale of a love gone wrong and the revenge that follows mixed in with the bloom of a new love. Two women from complete opposite worlds try to find common ground as a result of two deadly tragedies.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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