The Perennial Migration

dystopian, sci-fi, reptilian, ,omster, and mars

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A Message from Dominik Marcel Kirtaime

The reader follows not only what seems to be a chosen group in their attempt to save as many humans as possible through mass migration, but also the reptilian race with their agenda roll-out commencing with the spread of a nasty material-eating virus. How the devious of both races take mutual advantage of their business relationship. It becomes clear that it is not only humans who want to migrate and that only by all working together is there a small chance of survival.

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Description: The year is 3010, the human race divided; the new breed living inside the World Administration dome network and outside the older breed. A pandemic, broken out throughout the dome network by a corrosion in the citizens' wrist chips, is causing the planet to die. Whether the outbreak was accidental or intentional, either way the reptilian race stood to gain from such an apocalypse.

With most metal resources now the property of the World Administration, survival of man, beast and plant will depend on such life forms working together; and the leniency of our galaxy controllers.

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