Shurik`en Super Ninja Volume 1 of 5 (SHURIK`EN SUPER NINJA SERIES)

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Pages: 667

Rank: 2,819,285


Publication Date:

Publisher: S.A.G.A. Publications

Description: Machi (Mac) Mathews, a pre-teen is struck accidentally by an extremely powerful Electromagnetic discharge at an experimental EM Lab facility miraculously survived it but inherited strange uncontrollable EM Powers as a result. Only through a twenty year program of Bujinkan mentored by his Grandfather a Grandmaster Ninja immersed in the way of the Ninja Mac Mathews could totally have the strange superpowers under control like being able to turn it on and off like a light switch. Twenty years later he joins a new special black op task force called the H.I.F. to take out dangerous Global Terrorist Organizations and their leaders. But when a Megalomaniac Terrorist moves into the New Motor City of New Detroit, Mac who's code name is Shurik`en the Super Ninja with his two companions also Ninja must stop him from holding the city hostage before it is too late

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