(Meta-Philosophy) Philosophy - What, Why, How

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ISBN: 1986141942

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Description: A number of aspects of philosophy are explored, namely the why? the how? and the what? The WHAT? really is the WHO? The individuals who populate the planet, universe and discourse of philosophy. Those whose names fill the tombstones scattered in the philosophical graveyard, those whose names are inscribed on the street signs of the eternal city of the PHILO SOPHOS, the lovers of wisdom, they are the names out of which the history of Western Philosophical Ideas have been conceived and they are the building blocks, the architects, the creators, the designers, builders, construction workers and maintainers of this discipline we call philosophy. The WHY? questions concerning philosophy asks why certain individuals consecrate their lives, their lifestyles and in some cases their entire existence to the socio-cultural practice of philosophy. Why are some individuals, some personality types, driven to exist this total role, like that of a full-time 24/7 contemplative monastic, monk or nun? The HOW? question asks about both the methodology, the techniques and the tools those individuals devoted to philosophizing employ to express themselves, to ask the questions and formulate the problems during the different stages of the processes of theorizing, of which philosophizing is a part. But, the HOW? also refers to the questions they ask, questions that are situated in the different domains, branches and geographical locations of the philosophical universe, reality and world. The clusters of problems that constitute the subject-matter of this subject, be they metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, aesthetical, ethical, etc. An Appendix on Wisdom research with a vast bibliography and resources.

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