Philosophizing is part of Theorizing

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ISBN: 1985683938

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Philosophizing is part of the Process/es of TheorizingAbstract An illustration (by means of a number of articles, books, opinions, statements, hypotheses, theories, arguments, reasoning and comments) of doing philosophy or philosophizing and its methods, as aspects of the contexts, stages, steps and features of the process/es of theorizing. The methods and techniques of philosophizing is explored and the nature and purpose of theories are shown. It is indicated that and how the approaches and aims philosophizing form part of the stages and processes of theorizing. A number of implicit assumptions and tacit pre-suppositions of this socio-cultural practice and discourse, for example as they resemble that of everyday and religious perception (MNC, maturationally natural& perception, cognition, and action), are identified and revealed.

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