Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13

fantasy, magic, friendship, self-esteem, and tolerance

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A Message from Barbara Roman

This is a magical tale about friendship and realizing your star potential through the magic of believing. It's filled with emotions that children and parents can relate to. It touches on being different, bullying, overcoming hardship, and having the courage to step into the unknown where your destiny lies. Children are adept at suspending their "disbelief" when reading such stories. There IS a Star Factory and light bulbs CAN become glorious stars in the sky - forever shining for us.

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Price: $13.99

Pages: 50

Rank: 8,126,375

ISBN: 1979398267

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Where do light bulbs go when they burn out? Do they stay dead forever? Or can they be regenerated to live a brand new life with a brand new purpose? If they’re lucky they go to Star Factory 13 to become glorious stars in the sky…after they pass a rigorous test of their personality given by Carelia the Light Goddess, that is. But how in the world did 10-year-old Alicia get to Star Factory 13? All she did was go shopping in Walker’s Department Store with Mother to buy a new lamp for her bedroom. Could there really have been some magic in that department store Christmas tree? Or perhaps it was the ride in the elevator with the Golden Door that did it. The elevator button said “Press Me” and Alicia willingly obliged. Up she rode to the 13th floor to find an assortment of wise-cracking light bulb people, all with distinct personalities, each coming from sad, silly or desperate circumstance, all hoping to take their rightful place in the heavens. Alicia and the Light Bulb People is an enchanting tale of friendship, courage, and realizing your star potential through the magic of believing!

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