All This

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A Message from Lily Iona MacKenzie

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Price: $8.00

Pages: 164

Rank: 6,060,553

ISBN: 1935656112

Publication Date:

Publisher: Little Red Tree Publishing

Description: All This is wonderful collection of poems. Indicative of the title, the poems range from the conventional lyric/narrative that captures an intense moment of emotion, an epiphany glimpsed briefly out of the corner of the eye, to the more experimental. Some of the poetry use intertextuality, language from other works, to explore meaning, perception, and layers of experience. Other poems play with language, letting it lead into unexpected places, exploring new terrain. In a few, placement on the page conveys the feel of musical notation and phrasing, the page a theatre where the interaction of language makes meaning rather than recreates a remembered event. At times, words in a poem are treated as paint and the sheet of paper as an expressionistic canvas. A book of poetry to keep close by you at all times.

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