Flight of a Lifetime

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A Message from Philip Watling

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Price: $14.95

Pages: 284

Rank: 9,981,167

ISBN: 1847483070

Publication Date:

Publisher: Athena Press

Description: The author takes us on a flight into a dangerous world - a world where death overtook him and yet, somehow, he cheated it. This is the amazing and miraculous story of a young man who went up against the odds to claw his way back to normality. From A levels to a party in celebration of his continuing life, through his work with horses and time spent in three hospitals - straight across the brink of his own existence - Philip Watling's true account takes us down paths we wouldn't normally wish to follow and into places we never knew existed. This harrowing tale of life and death transcends everyday living and defies the imagination. With humour and mysticism throughout, this thought-provoking book teaches us the value of the one life we are given, and will help light our way towards survival after experiencing a traumatic event.

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