the common sense of flying: Your Guide to Stress-Free Travel

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A Message from Boris Millan

This is a guide for those of you who travel or travel not much. You may learn many tips next time you fly, and at the same time hear stories, real stories that may surprise you. This is real. This is exactly how some people behave while flying. A little of common sense will make you travels a little less stressful, including dealing with those around you. This is an easy, but humorous read. A must have before next time you fly. Enjoy it.

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Price: $12.99

Pages: 151

Rank: 707,660

ISBN: 1732767505

Publication Date:

Publisher: BMP Media Group, LLC

Description: Humorous, entertaining and real air traveling tips that will help you next time you fly.

A must travel guide before your flight. Whether you are a jetsetter who travels frequently or someone who has never been inside of an airport, this travel guide is for you. As a seasoned traveler and experienced flight attendant, Boris Millan offers common sense tips that will guide you through your trip from start to finish. From booking a flight through boarding, you will learn how to:•Save time and money on airfare and taxis •Choose the best flight times and seats•Avoid a hassle while going through customs and security •Handle checked and carry-on luggage•Travel with children and pets•Score upgraded seats and other perksYou’ll also learn how to avoid being arrested and winding up the unwilling star of a YouTube video!At once humorous, insightful and engaging, The Common Sense of Flying demystifies the world of airline travel, so you can avoid stress, enjoy your flight, and see the world (instead of the inside of an airport holding cell).

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