The Printer And The Russians Daughter

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Price: $8.00

Pages: 124

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ISBN: 1725889757

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Donald King is the son of Peter King, who owns a printing company he takes Donald into the company and sends him on his first assignment to meet Gregory Pavaroni a Russian immigrant made good while waiting for the man to finish his business outside the door opens and in walks Natalie the daughter of Gregory, dressed in riding gear all excited telling Pamela her mother how she jumped a fence line and Donald falls madly in love with her at first sight, but she has other feelings towards Donald and play games with his mind. Donald is invited to a party where he meets Chance and Robin, who are Natalie’s brothers, one of them as a secret the father finds out the family is in turmoil Donald and Natalie become once again entwined. Their lives are complicated and Donald gives Natalie an ultimatum and walks away to forget her and start anew. He meets Joanne a barmaid and takes up with her, he then falls in love with her, but still thinks of Natalie, who still plays with his mind, but one night while they are out a mugger confronts them and Joanne is killed.

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