The Heart's Way (The Moderna Series) (Volume 2)

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Price: $12.50

Pages: 188

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ISBN: 1718889623

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: The Heart’s Way continues the journey begun by Lilyana Windsor, Lee Roads, Nan Deveraux, Mac Harwick, Macy St-Thomas and Dustin Oakes in The Moderna Way. Macy St-Thomas is back in Moderna and stirring up trouble again. Not only has she got a long wish list for the town council, but she is also determined to stop Nan and Mac’s relationship. She also gets some rumours going about Lilyana. Dustin is back in town doing some research for a fictional book that he’d like to write about a town like Moderna. Lilyana is helping him with the research and Dustin has to remind himself that he and Lilyana are only friends. This makes him wonder if there might be a woman out there for him…. Lilyana and Lee have been dating, but then a trip to deliver a horse in Yesteryear Creek leaves Lee stranded for the winter. Can Lee and Lilyana’s relationship survive the separation especially after the mail is cut off? For answers to these questions and many more, read The Heart’s Way, which spans several years of our characters lives.

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