How Batly the Bat became an Air Traffic Controller

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Price: $7.29

Pages: 148

Rank: 1,419,944

ISBN: 1544896697

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: P R A I S E : ''A well-developed story line, with a set of sketched problems, picks up dynamic momentum and unexpected character. The author begins to open the media space and creates meaningful connotations full of tension, action and imaginativeness. With a swish of the magic wand is the animal kingdom transferred into the action movies and series, movie tricks and computer games about secret organizations, agents and criminal criminals. The fairy tale world alternates with the world of film screen and television programs.'' Mgr. Martina Matyasova, PhD - Slovak literary scientist Batly has lived a carefree life until the bat elders decide to cancel a two-year no-job period after school, and make it compulsory to start work immediately. However, he happened to find himself among MIBat agents (the British Air Bat Secret Service) who have long been trying to detain the most wanted international diamond smugglers. A new friendship with a MIBat agentess and a computer hacker on parole gives his life an entirely new direction. How can Batly help them? What will he have to go through before he can become an air traffic controller? A fairy tale not only for children.

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