Dam Head Farm The Return (Volume 2)

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Pages: 146

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ISBN: 1540672131

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Dam Head Farm had been stripped of all the drugs Tony Costigan produced, and was purchased by and Italian couple Emil and Kieta Barsarno, the body of the young girl found in Capsthorne had not been identified yet, inspector Tom Arnold was getting grief from his bosses upstairs for results, so it was time to get his team moving, then a bombshell hit him when his boss superintendant Hallett paid Tom a visit with Sir Bernard Devonport from the home office, with news of a new drug on the streets killing teenagers all over Europe and the UK, Hallett had been asked by the home office to work for Interpol to find out what the drug was and how it can be stopped, then Hallett told Tom he would now be superintendant and Interpol had provided a team of agents, from France, Italy and Greece that Tom would command. From that time on Barsarno is linked to many deaths and problems related to his business empire, and now one of Toms best friend's son is in a coma after drinking water laced with drugs, Tom and his team are now on the hunt for whoever is supplying the drugs and why all the deaths are related. Many twists and turns drive Tom mad and now his friend’s son is sick and Tom finds out the body of the girl found in Capsthorne is the daughter of Emil Barsarno and when told has no remorse, which makes Tom very suspicious, then the hunt is on.

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